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LOVE from our clients has gotten us #1 highest rates in all 7 categories in CAPTERRA!

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  • Manufacturing Execution

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Jared V
"It sounds like a line from a trade journal article, but ProShop is the 3rd ERP system our company has implemented. After 18 months of use, we can honestly say this is the best ERP solution our team has ever used. As many ERP systems should do, ProShop puts organizational, operational, project and part information in a central repository. One of ProShop's strengths is 'process workflows' that really work. We chose ProShop after being introduced to the software by a young manufacturing professional. He shared that ProShop was the best solution for custom manufacturing he had used. After viewing customer testimonials, watching all available videos and demoing the software- we decided we agreed. ProShop is the best ERP solution for custom and repeat manufacturing."
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Glowing Reviews

"We have seen efficiency increases through every aspect of the shop, and we can't imagine living without it."
Justin Erikson, Owner of Irongate Machine Inc.
"Our return of investment for ProShop paid for itself in less than a year."

Jason Baldonado, GM of Trilium Machine
"I love ProShop. I absolutely love ProShop! It has been a blessing. I don't think I would be in business without ProShop."
Matt Gawlik, President of 3D Industries
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About ProShop

ProShop is a manufacturing ERP system designed for machine shops, fabrication shops, and other types of job shops and OEM manufacturers needing to manage complex manufacturing and quality processes. It was built on the shop floor of an AS9100 certified contract manufacturer of of complex machined parts and assemblies over the course of 17 years to allow manufacturers to truly become paperless, eliminate wasteful labor inherent in traditional paper based ERP systems. It includes modules for estimating, order management, project planning, document control, scheduling, visual work instructions, inspection processes, cert management, tooling management (TMS) CMMS modules for equipment maintenance and calibration. It also includes a complete suite of Quality Management Systems (QMS) and manufacturing execution system (MES) tools to track quality and production of machining, fabrication, assembly or any manufacturing processes. By integrating a full QMS system including non-conformance report (NCR) tracking, corrective and preventative action requests (CAR, PAR, CAPA), return material requests (RMA), as well as the
documentation modules such as quality manual (QM), quality procedures (QP), work instructions and tasks, training and learning management (LMS) ProShop’s manufacturing ERP software provides unheard of efficiency gains by allowing nearly all company data to be connected and controlled in single cloud/browser based ERP system. With new features and workflows for cybersecurity compliance, and specifically NIST 800-171 and CMMC compliance, ProShop can help ensure that client data is safe and ITAR compliant. By combining all company processes into one web based ERP system, a typical ProShop client realizes considerable cost savings, efficiency gains, throughput improvements and profitability improvements on the order of 10-40% with the same, or fewer staff and no new equipment. In addition to being fast and easy to implement, providing positive ROI quickly, and backed up by industry veterans with an unwavering commitment to the helping small to medium sizes manufacturing companies with world class support and software, is it any wonder that clients rave about ProShop, and indeed say that they “Love Proshop ERP.”

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